What is Future Tech Hub

Future Tech Hub is an incubation facility for VR/AR area startup. With the partnership with Tokyo XR Startups, we have access to the community of VR/AR developers, designers and entrepreneurs, and we are preparing an ideal environment for VR/AR startups.

World's most advanced VR/AR information

Access to the VR/AR related community around the world including the partnership with Tokyo XR Startups becomes possible, and you can always touch the latest information of the world by doing the event and experiencing society. The latest hardware and other environments are also in place and you can touch the world's most advanced VR/AR information.

Startup support and powerful network

Tokyo XR Startups is the first VR/AR startup support program in Japan, and breakpoints have independent venture support experience as an independent incubator for more than 10 years. We will do the best VR/AR startup support in Japan through collaboration between the two companies. In addition, we will form a rich network including Tokyo XR Startups graduates.

The best VR/AR development environment

When doing VR/AR development, a high level environment is essential for all aspects of network, demo space, power supply capacity and so on. With reference to the opinions of active VR developers, FTH will provide the best possible environment to work comfortably and will provide a Hub office that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Facility information


1-25-2 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Shinkawa ST Building 2F


5 minutes on foot
"Kayabacho Station"
by Tozai/Hibiya Line
6 minutes on foot
JR "Hatchobori Station"


About 2260 square sq.ft

Number of seats

Total 52 seats
Fixed desk 28 seats
Free desk 24 seats

Use benefits

Common (Fixed Desk Plan / Free Desk Plan)

Corporate registration

Head office, branch registration is possible. We also accept establishment support services such as introduction of administrative scrivener and tax accountant.

24 hours 365 days available

It is possible to utilize it according to the way people work, such as weekday use or only on weekends.

Power source / Network / Office equipment use

A power outlet and wired LAN are deployed to each desk, and a separate wireless LAN is also prepared. It is also possible to make use of multifunction devices etc. for a fee.

Conference space / Demonstration space usage ※ Paid / advance reservation system

Conference space and demo space can be used by advance reservation system. In addition, it is also possible to lend it for seminars. ※ Advance consultation required

Cooperation / sponsorship Suppliers discount purchase from companies

Discounts on equipment and services can be purchased from our cooperation / sponsoring company. Please contact the person in charge for details.

Priority Invitation to VR/AR & Management Seminar

We will give priority / discount invitation to our company and cooperation / sponsor company related VR/AR / management events and seminars.

Operating company


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BREAKPOINT CO., LTD. is an incubator established in 2004. We provide services to increase the success probability and growth rate of entrepreneurs, start-ups and venture companies from start-up to around IPO.


We are waiting for inquiries from those interested in VR/AR related regardless of the tenant's arrival schedule. We are thinking that we would like to correspond widely to those who are active in individuals before corporate registration and the group as well.



Future Tech Hub

1-25-2 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Shinkawa ST Building 2F

5 minutes on foot from "Kayabacho Station"by Tozai/Hibiya Line
6 minutes on foot from JR "Hatchobori Station"

VR/AR related events in progress!

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